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Our Services


Services offered by MULTI EXPORT include:

  • Posting of shipping mandate

  • Hiring of freight insurance

  • Suggestion of fiscal ranking

  • Monitoring of cargo arrival

  • Preparation of Declaration of Customs Transit (DTA)

  • Preparation of Import License (LI)

  • Preparation of Import Statement (DI) or a Simplified Version (DSI)

  • Preparation of Invoice (System)

  • Customs clearing at ports, airports, borders and EADIs (secondary zone)

  • Coordination of road transport and monitoring up to cargo delivery at final destination

  • Compliance with government departments’ regulations: Banco do Brasil, Ministry of Public Health and Agriculture, Decex, Federal Police, etc.

  • Assistance with and customs clearing in transactions of loose goods (i.e. grains and such)


Services offered by MULTI EXPORT include:

  • Preparation of commercial invoice, packing list and certificate of origin

  • Reservation and confirmation of venue

  • Hiring of cargo insurance

  • Instruction for the issuing of invoice

  • Coordination of road transport

  •  Letter of Credit Analysis

  • Coordination of issuing of boarding permit jointly with cargo agents

  • Preparation of Export Registration (RE)

  • Preparation of Declaration of Export Expedition (DDE) or the Simplified Version (DSE)

  • Customs clearing at ports, airports, borders and EADIs (secondary zone)

  • Monitoring from collection up to delivery at final destination

Projects and Special Cases

MULTI EXPORT is a company that stands out also based on its strong performance in the area of customs consulting. We count on qualified and skilled professionals for the below listed situations:

  • Used Materials

    Complete consulting services including preparation of technical reports following through advising on how to obtain the best possible tax bracket. 

  • Transfer of Manufacturing/Assembly lines plants

    Solutions to implementing and transferring of plants and manufacturing lines (used equipment)

  • Ex-Tariff

    Complete consulting services to the process, highlighting relation between operation needs and the best way to procure them, focusing on safe and efficient results.

  • Drawback Management

    MULTI EXPORT developed software specifically geared at drawback in all its shapes. Professionals provide services of support and management of said software and are able to lecture on the subject, aiming at orientation on advantages provided by the program.

  • Atypical Processes

    MULTI EXPORT offers complete customs consulting for diverse atypical processes, such as: temporary exports, re-importing, temporary admission, re-exporting, exporting for replacement, imports and exports of reusable packaging (clip-lock), INPI, processes at the Central Bank.

  • Back to Back transactions

    Each of the steps into the processes, from issuing and requesting of documents until final clearing – counting on the best deadlines in the market – is followed and controlled by MULTI EXPORT’S keen professionals

Outsourcing of Management in Foreign Trade
  • site governance in Foreign Trade

    Based on the outsourcing concept, MULTI EXPORT offers expertise and specialized labor to go through all the phases of the process. Clients have access to information on a daily follow-up basis with transporting suppliers and with the team in charge of customs clearing. Processing of requests, as well as all the financial aspects related to it, can be monitored by the client himself into the system.

IT Tracking – Websys

MULTI EXPORT offers to customers a web-based tracking device, log in through passwords and following of processes, report generation and indexes of performance (KPI). Such system is made available under the standards of protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – an encrypted channel which is safe and protects confidential data along the way between the web browser of the user and the server. It is available 24/7 on the Internet.

Websys Tracking

Follow your Process up close through the link below:

Web Tracking System

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